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MP Falk hears seniors concerns over national long-term care standards

Battlefords-Lloydminster MP Rosemarie Falk says it’s been a busy session since returning to the House of Commons, but is glad to be back to spend time with her family this holiday season.

Falk and other Members of Parliament wrapped up the fall session this month following Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s prorogation earlier this year. She also took on a new role as shadow minister for seniors and has been meeting with seniors across the country to discuss ways the federal government can improve senior care. One of the big talking point in the agenda is national standards in long-term care.

“We had a lot of conversations about provincial jurisdiction and what the role of the federal government is in this. The federal government does give funding to the provinces who then put it where they see fit or where it’s needed which I believe is very important because we do know that an Ottawa knows best approach doesn’t work across the country and we see that in the carbon tax.”

Falk says one of the things she and her team is looking into to help alleviate this issue is advocating for more stable funding to provinces.

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“For example, if each province knows what they’re getting and when they’re getting it, it makes it a lot easier to plan accordingly. Whether it’s needed in infrastructure, manpower or any area like that, they can then decide where they need to put that.”

While the new role does take up some time, she says the concerns of constituents in the Battleford-Lloydminster riding are still top of mind. Once she returns to Parliament she says she will keep the federal government accountable for their actions and inaction on matters that affect local residents and farmers such as the carbon tax.

“Justin Trudeau decided to announce an increase in the carbon tax on the last day the house was sitting. Looking at our farmers, [I’ll be] making sure it is heard and it is said how this negatively affects their bottom line.”

Falk says it’s hard to believe the change in CPC leadership happened this year because of the hectic global situation. She adds she’s impressed by the way Erin O’Toole conducts himself in caucus.

“I appreciate the team approach that he brings and allows. He allows the people with the skills and abilities to do what they know best in their areas. It’s really great to have that type of leader.”

Parliament is scheduled to resume January 25.

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