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Mount Joy starts fundraising efforts for next upgrade

Mount Joy is looking at their next big change after their latest upgrades performed exceptionally for a successful season.

Mount Joy is starting fundraising efforts to help buy a Magic Carpet for the hill. A Magic Carpet is a conveyor belt installed at snow level to transport skiers and snowboarders from the base of the hill upwards. The upgrade will cost about $300,000 for equipment and installation and another $100,000 for landscaping.

President Chris Bogue says Magic Carpets are widely-used in the industry and there aren’t many used equipment available which would help keep costs low. He adds they chose the Magic Carpet as their next upgrade as it would help give their younger visitors a better experience.

“There are a lot of upgrades that we would like but our priority level is making sure our youngest newest riders can ride up the hill as safely and efficiently as possible and it makes the most sense to start here.”

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Mount Joy Board members are organizing several fundraisers to help pay for the costs of the upgrade including a Steak Night on March 18 and 19 at the Lloydminster Golf and Curling Club. Bogue says their previous fundraisers were well-received and hopes to see that continued support.

“We had a steak night in the fall and it went really well. It seemed like people really enjoyed it. Last time it went towards operating costs but this time around it’ll be going towards the Magic Carpet. We also have a silent auction and we’re looking for companies to donate some items that we can auction off.”

The auction is scheduled from March 12 to the 19th. Businesses interested in donating an item to the auction can contact Shelly Tatro at 780-870-5629 or any of the other board members.

The resort was closed for two weekends this year due to the polar vortex dropping temperatures below -25 C. Outside of that, Bogue says they’ve been very active since opening.

“Every day we’ve had to self-regulate our capacity a bit to make sure our user experience is held at a higher standard. Almost every day that we’re able to be open it’s been sold out. We’ve had a great turnout.”

The water lines installed last summer are also showing their value. Bogue says there’s been a lack of snow at some points this winter and the snowmakers are producing much hardier snow than previous years giving visitors a good base during their rides.

“It’s very important to us to be able to provide this extra service to the community and we’re really excited to jump right into it and build a lot of momentum and hype.”

Bogue is hoping for favourable weather conditions to help them stay open for another few weeks this season.

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