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Saskatchewan police to focus on speeding for April SGI safety spotlight

SGI is reminding people that the road isn’t a racetrack, as this month’s safety spotlight focuses on excessive speed.

All this month, police officers around Saskatchewan will be keeping an extra eye out for people taking it too fast on the roads. If a driver is caught, they could face an expensive ticket, costly demerits and getting their vehicle seized. For example, an  “engaging in a contest of speed” ticket includes an automatic 30-day impoundment, SGI notes.

Even if someone isn’t pulled over for their speed, SGI explains, speeding can still have serious consequences. Speeding can affect control and reaction time, and the faster someone is going, the worse the crash will be if it happens. A severe collision from speed can wreck a driver’s vehicle and injures or kills them or other road users.

In 2019 alone there were 454 people hurt in car accidents from speed, while nine were killed. This makes speeding one of the leading factors in traffic-related deaths and injuries on Saskatchewan’s roads, SGI says.

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“Posted speed limits are not suggestions, and driving is not about who gets there first – it’s about making sure everyone gets there and gets there safely,” says Penny McCune, COO of the Auto Fund.

The secondary focus of the month is keeping an eye out for motorcycle riders, cyclists and pedestrians as the weather warms up.

SGI says all of these are smaller and less protected than motor vehicles, and the likelihood of a severe injury is significantly higher if a collision occurs.

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