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SGI distracted driving blitz sees 685 tickets given out

SGI is reminding drivers that behind the wheel is not the place to be checking social media, texting or even catching up on Netflix.

The provincial insurance company has released the results of a March blitz cutting down on distracted driving in the province. In that month alone, 593 tickets were given out specifically for holding or using cell phones while driving. On top of that, 93 tickets were issued for driving without due care and attention.

SGI explains that checking the phone behind the wheel can be extremely risky. Their preliminary statistics from 2020 show that driver distraction or inattention was part of 3,000 collisions last year, resulting in approximately 600 injuries and 22 deaths.

A ticket for distracted driving can hit $580 and four demerit points, with escalating fines and penalties growing with repeated offences.

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SGI is reminding people to turn off notifications, set the music and GPS before hitting the road, and make sure they’re well-rested before getting behind the wheel, taking breaks if they feel tired.

There were also 358 impaired driving offences, including 244 Criminal Code charges, 576 tickets for improper seatbelt or child restraint use and 6,846 tickets for speeding or aggressive driving.

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