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City encourages residents to be part of Pitch-In Week

Pitch-In Week 2021 got a virtual launch in Lloydminster Monday. The annual volunteer clean-up has seen some modifications as a result of COVID-19 restrictions.

Mayor Gerald Aalbers met online with Grade 7 students at St. Joseph’s Elementary School. He shared about the importance of being responsible for the environment and got some useful feedback.

“It’s really exciting to hear from the students as well as the teacher that this is something they take very seriously and they’re making great strides and it sounds terrific that with 99 per cent of the students involved in recycling and re-using at home and things like that. That speaks well to our community and the future generations coming up behind us.”

Grade 7 teacher Ashlee Foster says she is preparing her kids as they get ready to transition to high school as they continue to learn about the environment.  She pointed out that they have been learning reduce, reuse, recycle and recover for the last eight years.

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“You’ve been taught that forever, from your parents, but now it’s your chance to be an example for your friends. When you guys are walking outside, do you throw your trash on the ground, or are you that student that’s 12 that says, hey let’s just pick that up instead. Let’s just wait for a garbage can.”

The entire school is involved in Pitch-In Week. Foster says she wants her students to be good stewards of the environment.

“I care about my kids. I want my kids’ kids and their kids to enjoy and be  thankful and grateful for the environment that I lived in. I’m so thankful that I can walk outside and I can breathe.”

Grade seven student Drew Stang was keen to protect the air we breathe, and linked that to landfill management.

“Pitch in week means to me that we have to take care of the environment and not make it a gross landfill of a waste-place. And not breathing pollution every single second and being able to actually breathe good air.”

The youngster says he has learned more about caring for the environment and he sees why it’s important to properly dispose items like batteries.

“I’ve learned that batteries,  we need to put in different places than the garbage can. I used to always put ’em in the garbage can as it’s easiest.”

The City is encouraging residents to be part of the annual spring clean-up and be mindful of the safety guidelines, especially dressing for the weather, watching out of traffic and being careful when it comes to sharp objects.

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Mayor Aalbers is high in praise for the community spirit always rising to the challenges.

“It’s an exciting time. There’s a lot of volunteers that come out and a lot of people that do the right thing.”

Pitch-In Week runs from April 26th to May 2nd.

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