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Make sure you’re emergency prepared before it happens: LRS

With Emergency Preparedness Week in focus, Chief Norm Namur with the Lloydminster Rescue Squad is reminding residents not just of the importance of being prepared, but to actually take the steps to be ready to move at a moment’s notice.

“Don’t wait for an emergency to happen to get prepared. Make sure you’re prepared now. Typically when you want to prepare for something, you’re looking at a 72 hour-time frame. Perhaps you have no power, no water, no natural gas and no heat. You want to be more prepared for that rather sooner than later.”

Namur suggests having a backpack or duffle bag ready, something that’s easy to move around especially if it’s on wheels. He suggests the basic things like water, non-perishable foods and a can opener. As well as a flashlight, batteries, cell phone charger, duct-tape, small tools, extra cash, clothing, pet-food and pet medication, personal documentation, prescribed medication and a first aid kit.

“You can purchase really good first aid kits or you can build your own if you’ve got a bit of a medical background. With your medical kit, [I would say] check it annually. Some of the medication in there, you want to make sure the expiration date is not over-run. So you want to make sure that’s current.”

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Namur adds to ensure that bandages are not discoloured as these should remain sanitized to place on a wound. Also, store the first aid kit in a cool dry place.

The effects of natural disasters including fires or even a derailment in the area are other things that Namur pointed out that we need to keep in mind and be prepared for.

“They could be man-made like rail derailment or truck derailment where you have to evacuate. We could have the tornadoes and that certainly seems to be changing as the years go on. Fires [as well] we may have to evacuate.”

Namur’s comments underscore that being ready is the key factor. He adds to involve family members including children in the process. The kids may have a favourite toy they want to pack.

Family involvement in the activity gets everyone onboard especially to know the details of the emergency plan and the location of  the supplies. Also, networking with neighbours who may have resources like a generator and doing a headcount to make sure everyone is accounted for.

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