Some people in Saskatchewan who get tested for COVID-19 may get a negative result through a text.

Starting Wednesday, May 19th, people will be able to get the text telling them they do not have COVID-19, provided they consent to it when they get their test. The texts will be coming through an automated text messaging system, identifying that they came from the Saskatchewan Health Authority.

People will be asked if they are the correct recipient of the results. If the SHA has a wrong number, they’ll use other contact methods to provide those negative test results to the right person.

Data will be collected through the online requisition form at the drive-thru and static testing sites, beginning on the 15th, to prepare for the rollout. No personal information will be asked for in the text.

If a test comes back positive, however, a phone call will still come to the person. The phone call will provide them with details on self-isolation and ask contact tracing questions.