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SGI provides home protection information as vacation season begins

With the summer months leading to more people taking off to enjoy the weather, SGI is offering some tips to make sure that when it’s time to come home, everything is as it was left.

The provincial insurer says in most cases, burglary is a crime of opportunity. As such, people can be proactive in making sure their home isn’t a target.

They say a person’s first line of defence in making sure a would-be thief leaves their property alone is securing the premises. This means closing all blinds or curtains, locking up all doors and windows, including the garage, and not leaving garage door openers in a vehicle parked outside.

People should also take photos or video of important possessions, and keep jewellery, cash and other high-value items in a safety deposit box or hidden in an unlikely place while away. An inventory of what’s in the home can also help too.

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From there, homeowners should make sure a spare key isn’t in an obvious place, like under a welcome mat or in a mailbox. They should also consider installing a home security system or cameras, such as a doorbell camera.

The next step is making the home look occupied. This can be done, SGI explains, by using timers to maintain normal lighting patterns, putting up sensor lights around the home, cancelling deliveries while away and leaving a radio on.

People can also ask a neighbour or a friend for help, asking them to do simple tasks like roll out the trash bins or mow the lawn in order to make the home look lived in at the moment.

Another proactive step, that can be taken on a trip, is waiting to post the travel pictures to social media until getting home.

It is also encouraged that a homeowner checks in with their insurance broker, making sure the coverage they have is what they need in case of a break-in.

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