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Audio-Visual upgrades coming to City Council chamber

Lloydminster City Council is making enhancements to the audio-visual capability of the Council chamber.

As Council heads on Summer break this week, Mayor Gerald Aalbers indicated the importance of improving the online streaming of meetings.

“Making it just a little more modern. Some of that technology is fairly aged in that room. We have had challenges over the last term with the quality of sound. Certainly with COVID and the [plexy] barriers and things like that. That challenged us. So with these additions and upgrades, I think you will be very impressed as the people watching and seeing.”

Aalbers noted that the upgrades target improvements both in the chamber as well as for people who may view online via the City’s Youtube Channel and are not able to attend in person.

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“If we go back to the discussions about transparency and openness that people can actually see and hear what’s going on at Council. That you can see the decisions. You can see the expressions on people’s faces. The passion, the discussion, the concern.”

The Mayor wants to ensure that people who attend Council meetings are able to hear properly what is being discussed.

The 2021 Approved Budget puts the cost of the audio-visual and webcasting upgrades at $140,000.

Update: Following the tender process, the cost of the project is $83,633.81 with a contingency of $7,000.
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