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Saskatchewan to open COVID vaccine booster program for at risk populations

The Saskatchewan Government announced three new COVID-19 vaccination programs today, one of which is for boosters and the others regarding proof of vaccination.

In a conference on Monday, the province announced that they will be allowing vaccination boosters for immunocompromised residents, along with creating a proof of vaccination record for health care workers and ones citizens can use to get into businesses, venues or events requiring them.

Booster vaccines to roll out September 7th, will be provided to immunocompromised or elderly people

The province says based on real-time evidence from health officials, some factors may contribute to the waning of the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines. They say this includes the age of the recipient and if they are immunocompromised due to a medical condition or medication.

On that information, the SHA will offer a booster vaccine to people who are elderly, long-term care or personal care home residents, transplant recipients, people on chemotherapy, targeted therapies or immunotherapy and those who have received an anti-CD20 agent like rituximab, ocrelizumab and ofatumumab.

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Other vulnerable groups could be added in the coming days, and these doses can be added on booster doses for Saskatchewan residents who may require them for international travel.

If someone is eligible for the booster vaccinations, they’ll get a letter from their physician or the Ministry of Health Drug Plan branch.

Saskatchewan looking to produce vaccination proofs for businesses, events and health care workers

The province also announced Monday they’re developing vaccination proofs in a QR code, which people will be able to take with them to businesses, venues or events requiring them.

Right now, people can access their vaccine record through a one-page printable page from their personal MySaskHealthRecord account at eHealth Saskatchewan.

The new development would add a scannable QR code to this, and the province explains that this record meets the standards set by the Government of Canada to help support proof of vaccine for international travel, while also valuing security, privacy, and patient confidentiality.

The government also plans to make public in the coming weeks more details about QR code readers and how they may be used by local groups and businesses for proof of vaccination in their venues or events.

The Ministry of Health and the Saskatchewan Health Authority also say they’re working with representatives of the public health sector representation, with the end goal of having a policy that requires front-line health care workers to provide proof of vaccination in the workplace.

If care providers don’t elect to be fully vaccinated, the province says they will have to undergo regular COVID-19 testing.

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