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LCSD welcomes back students for the new school year

Lloydminster Catholic School Division is ready to welcome some three thousand students as school comes back on Wednesday.

Director of Education Nigel McCarthy says staff and the entire school fraternity are excited to have everyone back.

“The biggest message is welcome back. We are looking forward to having a year that includes more of the little things that make school special, whether it be school sports or extracurricular activities; whether it be some of those things that are just a little bit more fun for kids.”

He adds that school staff are looking forward to be able to have these activities a little more freely this Fall.

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With concerns over the COVID pandemic still lingering McCarthy indicated their level of preparedness especially if there should be a need to return to wearing masks throughout.

“Well I think that’s an evolving situation. Kindergarten to grade six students will be wearing masks in hallways and common spaces. When you’re sitting in a classroom, there’s no need to wear a mask. When you are in a Phys-Ed class, we won’t be wearing masks and obviously out on recess, there are no masks.”

He adds for the older students, health officials have informed the Division that immunization uptake is doing quite well and grades seven through twelve will operate without masks.

LCSD has written to parents advising that while there is no mask mandate at this time, masks are strongly recommended in grades 7-12. Also, on school buses, all students will be required to wear a mask.

McCarthy does not foresee any issue with a student choosing to mask-up while his peers are maskless.

“We’ve been living with this for 18 months and I think we have to understand that our kids have learned a lot along the way. We never discount that there has been learning and that people know how to look after themselves, but also how to look after one another.”

McCarthy indicated that LCSD will continue to follow guidelines coming from health officials as they press on with the business of education this Fall.

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