Starting Friday October 15th, communities across Saskatchewan will once again be able to apply for grant support for work on the local ice rink.

This as the government is putting in $1.7 million to the program for 2021-22.

City of Lloydminster officials have indicated their interest to apply as the Centennial Civic Centre and the Lloydminster Golf & Curling Centre are eligible.

In 2020-21 the funding supported 372 organizations with their operations and minor capital upgrades to over 580 ice surfaces.

Parks, Culture and Sport Minister Laura Ross noted the importance of ice rinks as community hubs for gathering and physical activity.

The program is delivered by the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association who noted that this work is critical for offsetting the considerable costs of operating skating and curling rinks.

All community groups including non-profits are being encouraged to apply for an annual grant of $2,500 per indoor ice surface.

Application information can be found on the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association website.

The submission period is October 15, 2021 to January 15, next year.