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Residential snow removal begins Monday

The City says given the 20 cm of snowfall since mid-November, full-scale snow removal in residential areas starts Monday November 29th.

To expedite the process, the City says four snow removal crews in different zones will be at work clearing roadways and pedestrian crossings.

Signs will be posted about 36-48 hours before snow removal begins and the process will follow the yellow, pink, blue, green and orange curbside collection zones.

Officials are asking residents and drivers to ensure garbage carts, vehicles and other obstructions are not on the streets by the time crews arrive.

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Crews plan to plow the snow into windrows along the centre of residential streets and the collection will follow using snow blowers and loaders. Removal of windrows typically occurs within 24 hours.

Drivers are asked to stay at least eight metres back from snow removal equipment.

Parents are asked to keep children away from large equipment and snow piles throughout the snow removal process.

Tentative snow removal schedule

The City plans to start the yellow and pink zones on Monday, then the blue zone on Tuesday November 30th, alternating through the area to accommodate regular curbside collection operations.

They note a city-wide snow removal campaign may take up to four weeks to complete and if there is a further significant snowfall, resources may be redirected to Priority 1 and 2 areas.

Sidewalk and fire hydrant snow removal

The City reminds property owners and tenants to remove all snow and ice from sidewalks adjacent to their property.

Also, property owners and tenants are responsible to keep one metre or three feet surrounding the fire hydrant free from snow and ice.

The City recommends to create a pathway to the nearest sidewalk or roadway and according to the Community Standards Bylaw, residents are not to deposit snow and ice onto the streets when clearing snow from a property.

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More information on the the City’s winter maintenance is on their website.

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