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Bea Fisher running 50/50 fundraiser

The Bea Fisher Centre is currently hosting a 50/50 fundraiser drawing on New Year’s eve meaning that a lucky community member could start 2022 with some welcome change says Kim Crockett, Marketing and Business Development officer.

“The morning of December 31st, someone’s name is going to get randomly drawn and they are going to pick up half of the proceeds of the 50/50 pot. If we can get a massive sellout, we need a big run for the last couple weeks of the year, but it could be up to a $40,000 payout for somebody.”

Crockett recognizes the generosity of the community that fondly recalls the New Year’s eve gala of 2019 and he says people are still looking forward to the next one.

“We still talk about it. The public they ask us, when are you bringing it back and we are just so excited. At some point in time, we are just not there yet. We set the bar really high with it. We just don’t want to go back to that sort of event with anything less than pretty much exactly what we had. That level of excitement. That level of engagement. All those pieces need to be in place.”

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Crockett says they are hopeful for a return of the gala in 2022. He added it raised about $90,000 which has gone to supporting improvements in their care homes. This was part of a two-year drive to raise a quarter million dollars. He says they have had to adjust their expectations, but the need for those funds is still there.

“We’ve seen some organizations locally, have done really well, and found new ways. The onus is on Bea Fisher to do very much the same thing. We’ve got to find new ways to engage with the community and continue to raise our funds that we need and let the community know what’s going on. It’s a generous community, but we have got to let them know what’s going on.”

Crockett says that the Bea Fisher community will be having their get together for staff and clients on Friday from about 1 p.m. at the Bud Miller park centre.

“So it’s just for our individuals. It’s not like its a public event. It’s just good to get together with them.”

He says that events like those fulfill the need for social interaction for their clients.

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