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SPCA hosts virtual Jail & Bail Thursday

“I’m really hoping that it is a big success. My goal is $20,000 this year.”

Becca Lawrence, Community Outreach Manager with the Lloydminster SPCA adds all systems are ready for Thursday’s silent auction along with their Jail & Bail. Once again participants will be involved virtually, pitching in for the animals in the care of the local facility.

“Obviously our participants are out of the building again this year. So I’m hoping by next year in the new building that we are going to be able to host everybody inside. They are still helping us out. They are just off site. And then we are having our silent auction.”

As the SPCA gets ready to move, staff and was well the animals will welcome the advantages of a larger space. Lawrence spoke to the need for this fundraiser as they have had a few medical cases this year.

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“We just had two momma dogs come in with their babies, so we are trying to make sure they stay happy and healthy. We had a couple kitties come in that were really injured and we were able to help out and save. And a couple puppies too. We have had a few things, so it can definitely help our sick and injured fund. Or even our spay-neuter which is our biggest one that we absolutely cannot lose.”

She adds those funds keep the shelter running and helps them get to where they need to be.

Jail & Bail starts from 7 a.m. Thursday. Residents can monitor the action and bid on the silent auction on the SPCA Facebook page. Donations can be sent on their website.

Lawrence says the website will stay open for donations going into the weekend, but they will close off the silent auction at 5 p.m.

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