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Lloyd Freedom truckers get closer to Ottawa

“Since we left Lloydminster, there have been people joining our convoy. We have been greeted with warmth and love. People bringing us food, coffee, treat bags, donations, just handing us cash. You know what, people in tears. Two women yesterday (Wednesday) had me in tears at the side of the road. It’s just amazing to hear people’s gratitude. The love. The happiness. The joy that they have a chance to get their lives back.”

Charlie St. Amant says she is overwhelmed by the outpouring of unity they have witnessed since they left Lloydminster on the Freedom Convoy heading for Ottawa. Along with her husband Dan, they rested in Saulte Ste. Marie Thursday night and are heading to Arnprior, Ontario Friday evening, which is about 50 minutes outside Ottawa.

As MyLloydmintserNow reported this week over 15 semis and at least 20 four-wheelers from the Midwest region are on their way to Ottawa for Saturday’s protest.

Vermilion-Lloydminster-Wainwright MLA Garth Rowswell says he was at the truckstop when they left Lloydminster and he supports the concept.

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“You know if you’re not double-vaccinated you can’t go across the border. I think actually a test is more important than vaccination status. I am in support of what they do and I hope they can get it to a point where a negative test is accepted as well.”

Lloydminster MLA Colleen Young also reflected on the action of the truckers convoy.

“People are tired and wanting to take some sort of action, to take a message to our prime minister and the government in Ottawa, to make some better decisions and change some things that will get our economies back together and our peoples’ health back together.”

Edgerton resident Della Hughes who is also making the penultimate leg of the trip Friday is also asking for a listening ear from the authorities and sees the movement as uniting people behind one sentiment.

“Let’s admit these are honest ideas and honest questions and quit calling people names and just listen to what we have to say even. If it gets the country behind us, if it gets people thinking that, no I’m not alone in thinking that.”

Freedom Convoy organizer Tamara Lich in an online video is stating the peaceful nature of the protest and is asking that members of the public record the license plates and truck numbers of any violators and pass that information to the police.

The organization has also released it’s code of conduct stressing the membership to keep the peace by not entering government buildings, respect the police and front line workers, keep calm and not be baited into conflict and not to make threats.

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