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Pooch tips for office transition, SPCA

“Dogs really crave routine, if you know a time frame that you have to go back, work on leaving a little more frequently and then just making that duration of time a little bit longer each time. So they could get used to being alone a little bit more often.”

With pandemic restrictions coming to an end and health officials talking about living with COVID, another conversation is returning to the office after working remotely for the last two years, and especially what that means for our furry four-legged companions who got accustomed to having their humans at home.

Becca Lawrence with the Lloydminster SPCA talks about creating that new routine to help with returning to the office and leaving the pooch home alone.

“Start walking them when you normally would walk them before you go to work. And maybe some playtime in the backyard. Or even just giving them toys or mind games to keep them busy when you do leave, so they kind of don’t see you leaving.”

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Lawrence refers to the expression ‘a tired dog is a happy dog’ saying that if you get that energy out of them, then they are not as anxious being home alone. For dogs exhibiting anxiety and needing extra attention, she says to look at puppy daycare or even a dog walker.

“We have actually quite a few options in Lloydminster for dog walkers. And there are a couple play areas that you can take your dog to for the day. It socializes them too and it helps out with their mind enrichment and what they need as dogs.”

She says to check in with your neighbours as well to see if your dogs are barking and the duration for which they are barking. In extreme cases, she says the dogs may require medication to help them with that anxiety throughout the day.

Lawrence mentions camera options as well to keep an eye on your dog.

“There’s some that you can even shoot a treat out, to kind of help them out a little bit. There’s so many camera options so that you can keep an eye on them from your phone. Sometimes you find out that you have to go back to work on really short notice so you can’t really develop that routine right away.”

She advises to keep an eye out for those signs of stress in the family canine and a camera would be good to catch if they are barking.

Anyone needing further information on daycare options and support resources may contact the Lloydminster SPCA.

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