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Students pitch-in during annual spring clean up initiative

Grade Three students at Rendell Park Elementary got to ask the mayor questions and show off their knowledge as the City launched this year’s Pitch-In Week presented by Mary Brown’s.

Residents are being encouraged to get into the spring clean up around their homes and community spaces and as well, get their toxic and other hazardous waste organized to take to the Lloydminster Exhibition Grounds on Saturday.

Mayor Gerald Aalbers who led the kids in a brisk sweep of the playground addressed the issue of the litter that’s around the community as the snow has cleared.

“We can learn a lot from the kids because the kids care and they are out there gathering garbage in the school grounds. So I really encourage adults to think twice before you throw that out of your car window or wherever you pitch it. You’re going to stop and get fuel, there is a garbage can at every service station or take it home or just have a small bag in your car.”

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Chris Duiker with GFL Environmental guided the kids in a game to classify garbage for recycling. Duiker won them over by saying, ‘You know the big garbage trucks that go up and down the road.’

He stressed the importance of their role.

“When it comes to cleaning up in your neighbourhoods and doing our parts, when you think about it, it’s just a little stone’s throw into a pond. That ripple will continue for generations. We set the future. So by doing our little pieces to help out makes a better future for everyone.”

Officials with the City indicate that the landfill accepted 84,783 tonnes of garbage in 2021 of which 70 per cent was diverted from the landfill which has a lifespan going forward to 2060.

The breakdown revealed:

  • 25,747 tonnes was landfilled
  • 30,797 tonnes diverted
  • 19,238 tonnes treated.

The details are contained in a soon to be released report.

More information on Community Pitch-In Week and the Hazardous Waste Roundup can be found on the City’s webpage.

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