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Keep your hands on the trailer to win

How long do you think you can keep your hands on a 2009 Zinger Holiday Trailer?

The last time this contest was held in 2019, the winner held on for nearly two days from Saturday to Monday morning in order to hitch up the camper and drive out with the big prize.

Young Farts RV Parts is putting another trailer on the line and the winner will be the person who can last the longest by keeping their hand on that same spot of the trailer.

Dawson Glowatsky with the RV parts retailer looks back at the last time they had the contest prior to COVID.

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“Everyone who showed up and came and put their hands on the trailer and the last person to take it off won it. About 80 people showed up and put their hands on. And coming down to the last two; a guy from Ardrossan ended up being on it for 44 and a half hours. He was the longest guy to keep his hands on the trailers and he ended up taking it home.”

With no breaks for the washroom someone would need to depend on more than just the fun aspect, adds Glowatsky to endure the hands-on activity for the weekend.

“We will just make a line up. Like the first come first served kind of thing. You get on there and then once the trailer is full we will start the competition and see who lasts the longest.”

“Keep your hand on the trailer” will start at 10 a.m. Saturday June 18th at Young Farts RV Parts, Vegreville.

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