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Recovery walk seeks to end stigma

A Lloydminster woman is among a group of walkers seeking to end the stigma associated with overdoses.

Tigra-Lee Campbell will meet with Ashleigh Cardinal along with event planner Chantel Gladue to walk from Bonnyville to Edmonton in memory of those who have passed as a result of an overdose.

Tigra-Lee Campbell says both her parents are struggling with addictions. Her life has faced numerous challenges including the deaths of loved ones. The young mother of three is seeking to end generational addiction as she parents her own children.

“I’m a recovering addict. I’m six years clean and sober, but both my parents are still in active addiction. I was actually born addicted to drugs when I came into this world. I’ve had friends and family also pass from addictions. It is near and dear to my heart. I want to be the one that breaks this generational curse for my kids.”

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Campbell explains that Gladue had approached her about a year ago to do a walk following the death of Gladue’s brother due to “substance poisoning.”

“She asked me if I wanted to do a walk and I said,”Yes of course I do.” Addiction has affected my family and my life personally.”

Campbell says they will begin on July 18th in Bonnyville with a ceremony led by elders at about 9 a.m. then start out on the trek to Edmonton.

Gladue, reflecting on her reason for planning the walk for recovery, shares that in the timeframe that her brother died, about four families in the Lakeland area had to grieve the loss of loved ones due to substance poisoning.

“This walk is to honour our loved ones who have lost their lives through addictions. This walk is to call for prayers of healing and sobriety through our nations, especially within the seven nations, which is Frog Lake, Kehewin, Cold Lake, Beaver Lake, Saddle Lake, White Fish Lake and Heart Lake.”

Gladue is a recovering addict. She says they want to end the stigma that comes with overdoses.

“I feel sometimes people are ashamed of that or they have some kind of guilt or they’re maybe embarrassed. And from my point of view, I just want other people to know you’re not alone in this.”

Following their ceremony on July 18th, the team will leave from the steps of the Bonnyville court at 10 a.m. and aim to arrive in Edmonton on the evening of July 21st or the following day. They will conclude with a Powwow on Boyle Street.

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More information can be found on the group’s social media.

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