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United Way pedals for trishaw volunteers roster

The Lloydminster United Way is stepping on the pedal to coordinate the volunteer roster for the Trishaw program.

Also, there are now two trishaw bikes in Lloydminster offering adults in care facilities the opportunity to enjoy a ride in the outdoors courtesy Border City Connects volunteers.

Tricia Hunter with the Lloydminster United Way volunteered and received the training last year to take seniors for a ride around the city on the trishaw. She says United Way will now coordinate the scheduling of the volunteers once the training is complete.

She shares that the interaction is a two-way street for the pilot of the trishaw, and as well their senior passengers.

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“I pulled up the first day and I told the seniors that I was brand new and right away they tell you that, “they are going to tell you where to go and how to go there.” And riding around they will tell you which way they want to turn, especially in those older areas by Pioneer Lodge. They know who built that house and they know where that came from. They can tell you stories about the old pool when it got built.”

Hunter adds once a volunteer is trained, their contact details will be added to the roster.

Paul Harris who is a care-van driver and a pilot for the trishaw with Border City Connects says the trishaw is motorized and has battery assist.

“So we got electric drive on it. So most people talk to you when you are a pilot and they say,”Oh you’re working hard with these two passengers.” But really you’re not working hard because you have a lot of power. Usually we only put it on level one, but we have level one, two, three and four.”

Harris says it’s easy and a lot of fun.

Executive director of the Border City Connects, Glenn Fagnan says they are happy to have the coordination of the volunteer system through United Way.

“We’ve got lots of volunteers from last year and this is a new batch coming through here as well. So we like to have a good amount of volunteers, so that it’s not a strain on anybody and everybody can just do a little bit but it makes a big difference.”

Fagnan says the training takes about an hour and there are just a few differences when compared to operating a bicycle.

Anyone wishing to volunteer to pilot the trishaw can get in touch with Border City Connects.

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