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Legacy DIY hosts summer night market Sunday

The bottom of 49th Street will be the epicentre for local small business and entertainment on Sunday evening as the Legacy DIY community will be bringing out the goods for its Downtown Summer Nights Market.

Apart from the live entertainment and the barbecue grill being fired up by Residents In Recovery, the downtown makerspace outfit is promising to have that extra touch to keep business active in the downtown core, says Nicole Davidson with Legacy DIY.

“We would like to get the community involved. We want to bring more awareness to downtown and get small businesses in the spotlight. So these help. The small businesses get some attention and it helps bring people to the downtown area and it helps us with getting people in our doors in the days after the market.”

The entertainment card includes local singer/musician Brianna Gammond who will do some extended sets during the course of the event.

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Davidson notes they are still getting foot traffic coming into their 49th Street location that have just discovered the unique features of a makerspace that sells products. She says they are seeking to help small businesses get their “name out there” and they are running a reduced rate promotion for vendors ahead of their second anniversary.

“We tend to get more come September; they’re wanting to be in for that fall and winter. They all want to be in for Christmas. So right now we are actually doing  a promo for our second anniversary where vendors can get sales space on a six-month term for the monthly rate of a one-year. So depending on the size of space, it saves them about $20 a month.”

Over 30 vendors including food trucks will be available for Summer Sunday Night Market, Sunday August 21st from 4-9 p.m.

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