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Centenarian’s long life attributed to staying active

Despite living a life that began before the Great Depression, Vernon Marlatt has faced all of life’s challenges and is 100-years old as of August 27. The centenarian who has seen the events of the 20th century roll into some 20-years of the new era still drives, gardens and plays golf.

“I go to the doctor for a medical. He shakes his head. He can’t find anything wrong. He marks down, ‘Ok.’ Then I take it to the driver’s (registry) and get my licence.”

Marlatt goes golfing with four buddies every Thursday. They frequent courses in Lasburn where he was a resident for many years, as well as Two Hills, Irma and other area golfing ranges.

Vernon was married to Bernece for over 60-years and the couple had four children, one of whom  passed away on the family farm.

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His eldest daughter, Karen Palmer speaks of her father who worked as a mechanic during World War II and led a life in agriculture and community involvement including the Legion, 4-H clubs and other service groups.

“He was instilled at a young age to work, work, work, I think. And that’s what he did. He was always working; doing something. He farmed during the day and then went to the seed cleaning plant and worked at night, in Lashburn.”

Among his community contributions was service on the board of Home Care which raised funds for community hospitals in Lashburn, Maidstone, Cutknife, Turtleford and surrounding areas. The board was functional back in the 1970s and its name later changed to the Twin Rivers board. For those efforts over some three decades, he was gifted a gold watch which he still wears proudly.

Palmer says when her parents moved into Lashburn was when her father got involved with the golf course there and took up golfing. She attributes this sport as one of the many activities which has sustained the 100-year old man.

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