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Sask energy minister makes pitch for energy security

The Saskatchewan energy minister is chiding the federal government for its response to the German chancellor’s request for help with natural gas ahead of this winter.

His comments came in an interview with MyLloydminsterNow at this year’s Heavy Oil Show.

Referring to the visit of the German leader to Canada and that country’s need for energy supplies given the situation with Russia and Ukraine, Jim Reiter says he is disappointed with the response of the feds as Germany is looking for solutions to provide heat over the winter months.

“The prime minister gives him a pat on the head and talks about hydrogen somewhere down the road. That’s not the answer our country needs to be giving. Our country needs to be talking about oil and LNG, and what we can do to help our allies around the world; to be environmentally friendly and a conflict free source of energy.”

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Reiter is new to the energy file and is welcoming the opportunity to lead at this time not just in oil and gas, but also potash, uranium, as well as helium and lithium. He feels that “things are looking promising” across the resource sector.

He notes the difficulty that Canada faces to assist allies as the LNG infrastructure has not been built to deliver the product to the coast.

“That’s the problem. And there’s an old saying,’the best time to plant a tree was 20-years ago. The second best tiem is today.’ That infrastructure should be in place. It’s not. So let’s get on it today, because the world is going to need our sources of oil for a long, long time.”

Reiter reflected on the buoyant mood coming out of the Lloydminster Heavy Oil Show saying that his conversations with industry at the show echoed with the “optimism” that the sector wants to support the need for global energy security by getting Canada’s product to market.

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