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Protect your home against carbon monoxide: Fire officials

A silent, invisible and deadly gas that travels without an odour is a fair description of carbon monoxide.

Captain Calvin Nickless with the Lloydminster Fire Department who has some 40-years experience says you may feel dizzy or experience nausea, weakness and feel to pass out.

As winter approaches and residents will be indoors and homes enclosed, the fire officer stresses the importance of a working smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector.

“If you do get a carbon monoxide alarm, exit the residence, call 911. If you are actually feeling any of the symptoms of carbon monoxide, make sure you relay that to the 911 dispatcher so that we can get medical aid coming to you right away.”

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Nickless says to check the detector by pressing the test button on the unit every month and also to change the battery every six-months.

During winter residents will run their cars to warm up the engine. Nickless advises to avoid doing that especially in homes with an attached garage.

“Carbon monoxide will sneak into the house. So if you are going to idle your car, make sure that you start your car and park it outside to idle it. Don’t idle it in the garage. Because lots of times you rely on that inside door to close the walkway into your garage and it may not and carbon monoxide can come in.”

The gas in small amounts can make someone unconscious and in larger amounts run the risk of death.

Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week is being observed from Nov. 1-5.

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