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Feds to determine next steps after Métis constitution vote

With the adoption of the MNA’s constitution, Indigenous Relations Canada in an email to MyLloydminsterNow indicates that “Canada received a Notice of Application related to the MNA’s constitution which was filed on Nov. 21, and is reviewing it to determine next steps.”

The Métis Nation of Alberta membership voted to accept its governing document titled the Otipemisiwak Métis Government Constitution, with the results being announced on Dec. 1.

Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs officials further state that, “Canada does not have a role in developing or approving Indigenous constitutions, as it is an internal matter between the Indigenous government and their citizens.”

In 2019, self-governing recognition agreements were signed between the feds and Métis representatives including the MNA.

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Indigenous Relations notes that the constitution is “an important step as the Métis Nation of Alberta determines its path to self-determination.”

On the issue of representation the federal department stated it “will continue to respect that Métis individuals can belong to different organizations that speak on their behalf and represent them.”

The 2021 census indicates that some 127,000 people identify as Métis. The MNA has about 56,000 members of which about 15,000 voted to ratify the constitution.

Indigenous Relations concludes it “will continue working with all Métis partners to advance their visions of self-determination.”

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