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Makeup artist on a mission

Meet Maya Ramsahoye who brings a diverse background in modelling and makeup artistry from small town Alberta to take on the world stage.

The Wainwright-product got the push to pursue modelling from her mother. She runs a makeup business and has delved into acting.

Maya wants to use her growing social media platform which includes teens and women as she seeks to inspire that demographic and “crush” what she calls “the unreasonable social media and societal expectations” placed on women.

“My platform is titled Perfectly Imperfect. It’s just about embracing you as a human being – and this is where I really get to involve my life as a makeup artist, because it was the ability to work with so many people and to encourage women and whomever I’m working with to just be comfortable and confident with who they are.”

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Maya recently entered the Miss Universe Canada contest and she says it was incredible meeting people from so many different backgrounds across the country and interacting with the eventual Miss Canada who recently placed in the top-16 at the Miss Universe show in New Orleans.

Maya reflects on the various socio-political and environmental causes that the delegates involve themselves.

“I think about all the women who compete in pageantry – although a lot, it’s only a small percentage of our population in the whole world. But just the amount of change that one person can create is absolutely incredible to witness. So that is one of my favourite things – just learning about every other pageant competitor’s cause, because it’s just so inspiring and it truly adds hope to your life knowing that there can be such change.”

She says “pageantry is a lifestyle and you have to dedicate yourself to it.”

Ramsahoye’s Canadian heritage blends India-China/Caribbean roots from Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana on her father’s side with her mother’s English, Scottish and Irish ancestry. As she connects with people across the country, she sees the importance of discovering your diversity and embracing it.

“Canada is such a multi-cultural, diverse, unique country. So it’s truly incredible to meet so many people and learn about their background. But I think embracing your diversity is one of the most important things that you need to do, because no one else will have what you have. There will be commonalities – of course. People can have an understanding, but you truly are special with how you were brought up, how you were raised, where you originate from.”

Another pageant is on the cards for Maya in the future as she represents her heritage to the world.

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