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Contractor favours lot grading bylaw proposals

With the City of Lloydminster proposing changes to the lot grading and drainage bylaw, local general contractor Cody Bexson sees it as a “step in the right direction.”

He says with Lloydminster being a relatively flat city, it was always strange to him that you would look down a residential street and figure out the order in which the houses were built by the elevation.

“You could tell which was the last house to be built because it was always 18-20 inches higher than the first house that was built. Lots of times what the general contractors were doing was just building higher than their neighbour just to make sure that they did not have water problems. So the water problems were always getting pushed to the next guy. So the first house on the development was the lowest and the last house was the highest. So I always found it strange that Lloydminster was one of the flatest cities with the steepest driveways.”

Bexson who has been with Bexson Construction since 2000 says through the Lloydminster Construction Association they have heard from residential clients about issues with lot grading, changes during construction and even standing water issues leading to basement flooding.

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Changes to the bylaw

The city is proposing changes to lot grading and drainage bylaw, development security policy, and as well changes to excavation permits.

  • One aspect will require a land surveyor to be retained to complete a lot grading certificate to document the elevations on the property.
  • Another proposal will require applying for an excavation permit with an administrative fee and damage deposit.
  • A further proposal will make property owners responsible for protecting city property adjacent to their lot during development. They will be responsible for repairing any damage they or their contractor(s) caused during their work.

Bexson says it’s important that people reach out to the city when they are grading their lots as it will affect their neighbours.

“You cannot drain water from your lot onto your neighbours lot and not have issues in the future. So it is important that there are some checks and balances in regards to lot drainage. I do think that it is necessary to have some sort of deposit to put on these to make sure it is done properly.”

He sees these administrative fees as being necessary to ensure people abide by the rules. Bexson concludes the bylaw proposals are a way to have all developments at the proper elevation.

The city will be hosting an open house for all stakeholders on Tuesday, Feb. 28 at the LloydMall from 4-6 p.m.

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