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NACC sees grand total of $771K at 2023 tarp tarp sale

Twenty-eight drivers were auctioned off on March 23rd for the 2023 North American Chuckwagon Championship (NACC) tarp sale, with $771,000 being spent throughout the evening.

The inaugural NACC Champion Logan Gorst saw the highest bid of the night, selling for $72,000, while last year’s champion Dustin Gorst went for the second highest bid at $65,000.

Dustin Gorst was the first driver to step up and have their tarp sold for not only the NACC but the 2023 tarp sale.

“It’s a good feeling when the room lights up, and you are standing up there, excited to be back and ready to get rolling into spring,” says Gorst.

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The NACC tarp sale is just the first of two to happen in Lloydminster and the first of seven to be held across the World Professional Chuckwagon Association and Canadian Professional Chuckwagon Association.

Gorst says the turnout for the NACC sale was excellent, but for those who are interested in attending one of the upcoming events, his advice is to ask questions and just do it.

“It’s a new group for myself this year here in Lloyd, and I actually had a brand new guy who walked in the door that was bidding on me. It’s exciting, so just get here and if you have questions you’ll figure it out.”

The next tarp sale happening in Lloydminster is the Canadian Professional Chuckwagon Championships sale on April 4th.

Written by: Kassandra Patterson – Vista Radio
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