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Casino Night coming to Vic Juba

As the Vic Juba Community Theatre continues the work to return to normal operations after the pandemic, the 21-year-old facility is looking at upgrades and placing its bets on a casino night fundraiser.

The May 11 event will see a couple celebrity dealers including mayor Gerald Aalbers and the man whom the theatre is named after, Vic Juba suiting up to officiate at the tables.

Jen McConnell, general manager says as they work to get back to regular operations,

Overhead lights at Vic Juba Community Theatre. [Photo: Gerry Lampow 106.1 The Goat/Vista Radio]
they will welcome community input on acts and culture displays that people would like to see.

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With Gold Horse Casino on board, the theatre will host 13-game tables as they raise funds to update the automated stage lighting.

“So, this summer we have a plan already in place to replace the overhead lighting in the audience chamber to really bring it up to the new technology as well as making it more energy efficient. So, all the bulbs will go to LEDs, and we will reduce our (carbon) footprint by quite a bit that way,” says McConnell.

The lighting technology is from 2001 and the moving lights that are overhead on the stage are targeted for replacement.

A $100 buy-in will allow patrons to get $1500 in fun cash to play at the tables during the course of the evening. The Fun Money Casino will be held on the stage as well as backstage giving patrons a chance to see the inner workings of the theatre production space.

“It will be onstage. It will be in the dressing rooms. It will be in the green room. We have a money tunnel sponsored by Fox-Wakefield where folks can step in for 30-seconds and see how much cash they can physically grab and take on their person out,” says McConnell.

The tables will be open from 7-9 p.m. and then patrons can cash in their chips for fun money to bid on a live auction like a VIP experience of upcoming shows at the theatre. There will also be a silent auction at the event and patrons can use real money to bid on.

McConnell emphasized that the event will be played with fun cash and the $100 buy-in allows patrons to get one drink and appetizers as well during the evening.

Supporters may get more details on the auction as well as ticket info on the Vic Juba Community Theatre website.

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