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Pitching and hitting the target at Holy Rosary

A kid from Lloydminster now has an equal opportunity as youngsters anywhere else when it comes to the baseball technology available at Holy Rosary High School.

The Lloydminster school recently closed the tech gap by purchasing a Rapsodo hitting and pitching machine to analyze the skills of batters and pitchers in real time and provide a read-out.

Baseball program teacher, Trent Kusch, says the technology allows for more personalized training for baseball and softball athletes.

“It allows, at the palm of their hands, to get instant feedback results based on how hard they can hit a ball, how far they can throw a ball, their spin rate, exit velocity, distance, what the result would be after hitting it, their strike percentage when they are throwing, how hard they can throw the ball, locations, spin movement. Every type of data that you can see at the professional level is all in the palm of their hands.”

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Kusch is in his third year at the school and sees the benefits of the game-changing technology going forward.

“They can see progress every day. So, instead of one person holding a machine registering how hard you throw or how hard you can hit a ball, it’s now out of the instructor or coach’s hands where they can see instant feedback, they can see their progress, and live results and they can store that progress and keep track of it. Then they can do the research. They can work with coaches to build on that specific skill with all the data that they have.”

The tech upgrade was acquired in August and is already in use at the high school.

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