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Sanctioned Vermilion mayor makes statement to council

Sanctioned Vermilion mayor, Greg Throndson made a statement to council on Tuesday, May 7 in the wake of council unanimously voting to restrict his role for the rest of his term.

Throndson explained that an elected official who owes council over $500 for more than 90 days faces disqualification. The sanctioned mayor has an unpaid bill to council of $7,129. This follows an incident on Mar. 17, 2023, in which he says he kicked a door which subsequently did not work. He was found guilty under the code of conduct and was sent for anger management which Throndson says he has not done.

He appealed the decision of council and the appeal was upheld, meaning in his words, he “was not found guilty.”

Throndson, with emotion in his voice, is apologizing to the Vermilion community and owning his responsibility in the matter. He adds his lawyer recommends that the matter not come before King’s Bench.

Council then went behind closed doors for the in-camera session and further deliberations.

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