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Sanctioned Vermilion mayor seeks arbitration, takes door kicking matter to court

The matters for which Vermilion mayor Gregory Throndson has been sanctioned have nothing to do with Throndson kicking in a door as he related to council on Tuesday, May 7. 

Deputy mayor Kevin Martin is also explaining that matter has now gone before King’s Bench. Meanwhile, the issues for which Throndson has been sanctioned cannot be revealed but the sanctions are in place for the remainder of his term and the file is going to arbitration. 

Martin says following investigations and an April 30 meeting it was unanimously decided by council to sanction the mayor for the rest of his term which runs until Oct. 2025 when the next municipal elections are due. 

“Back to our April 16, 2024, meeting, codes of conduct were brought before council, and we went in-camera (closed session) to discuss these. We brought it back to our April 30 meeting where from the investigations, sanctions were brought forward,” says Martin. 

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The deputy mayor explains that Throndson is still the mayor of Vermilion, however the sanctions prohibit Throndson from chairing meetings, being on some committees and any financial matters. Throndson is still able to vote as a councillor. 

On the matter of the door which Throndson admits to kicking in, Martin reaffirms that elected officials who owe council over $500 for more than 90 days are disqualified. Throndson at the Tuesday, May 7 meeting admitted to his actions but has not paid the $7,129 bill, and has not gone to anger management which was handed down by the Town of Vermilion. That matter is before King’s Bench. 

Martin says they will move forward as council with the mayor still part of the team, even as they await arbitration on the sanctions and the outcome of the matter before King’s Bench. 

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