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The Little Things Matter

Coach Kandal Limitless Fitness and Nutrition

Are you eating all of the right things and not seeing any results or maybe even eating very little and not losing an ounce? Does is seem that you are always boarding the never-ending rollercoaster? Some days does it feel as if all you do is follow diet after diet to quickly lose 5lbs to gain 7 pounds back a week after stopping your diet? Are you ready to move on and take a step in the right direction? A step towards your goal……

If you read my last article “How To Start Your Weight loss Journey”, you would already have your end destination in sight or your ultimate goal burned into your mind. When we know where we are going it is easier to get there. Lets start to examine what we are currently doing and if it’s working for us. Ask yourself out loud, “Is what I am doing currently providing me with the results I want?” If you answered no, then write this next sentence down on a piece of paper or hell, write it down on a couple pieces and place it everywhere you would see your reflection and or go to grab a snack. Write down these 5 simple words. If nothing changes,

NOTHING CHANGES. Pretty simple right? Lets move on to making things change. It’s the little things in life that matter, they are the things that tend to sneak up on us and cause mayhem in our lives. The little things that we let go or go unnoticed for sometime, like the rattle in car when we turn the corner, the slow drip in the faucet or the one sole weed in the garden that is so small it couldn’t possibly matter in the big scheme of things. Lets start to examine the little things in our nutrition and daily choices. How do we start to examine the little things you ask? We write it down, when you have something important and you don’t want to forget it. What do you do?. You write it down!

Lets start a journal, at first keep it simple. It doesn’t have to be a fancy book it can be an everyday piece of paper. When should you start? Right now, start at this very moment. Why start tomorrow, when you can start your journey today. Be honest, if you ate it, write it down, at the end of the day does it matter? Yes, everything matters and it will have an impact on your outcome. Details are very important when you are journaling. Keep track of how much, a dozen or a handful? Did you know that a dozen almonds has approx. 80 calories and a handful of almonds can run you approx. in excess of 250 calories. (of course depending on your hand size).

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So details are very important when you are assessing your nutritional intake. Stay on track and log all your food eaten for one day and then move on to complete one whole week. How does your week compare with your weekend when making food choices? How many handfuls of little nothings add up to countless calories?

Remember it’s the little things that matter.

Please keep following and checking back with Your Local Expert in the next following weeks for my next article on the “Bringing balance”, or pop in and see us at Believe Fit for advice on supplements or on how to get started on your own journey.

Until next time!

Coach Kandal
Limitless Fitness and Nutrition

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