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Kitscoty RCMP at a standstill in arson investigation

Police in Kitscoty are at a loss for leads in the case of the arson attack on the property of the Mian family.

The incident made provincial headlines back in April, after the family first had their garage door spraypainted with the words “Go Home”, followed by a late-night fire at their residence, which torched two semi-trucks owned by the family. The graffiti took place on April 6, with the fire damaging the trucks in the early hours of April 10.

During the initial days following the arson, the family expressed their shock at what had taken place to the press, and investigation into the fire was undertaken by both the Kitscoty RCMP and the local fire department.

In the time that followed, the investigation was handed over entirely to the local branch of the RCMP, and deemed an arson by both the police and the fire department. According to Sergeant Juan Huss of the Kitscoty RCMP, there were two separate fires on the night of the incident. Huss also said the police have interviewed eight to 10 people in relation to the investigation, and have ruled out any economic motives for the arson.

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“We basically followed up with the company people, like Mr.Mian, his drivers that he had, and the company that he was hired out through, just trying to rule out different people or different motives for the arson on the semi-units,” said Huss.

Huss also said the investigation ruled out the possibility of a rival oilfield company or disgruntled employees being involved in what took place, as well as the possibility of the Mian family being involved.

As for the path forward from here, Huss said the detachment is now at a stalemate, after conducting all their interviews. He also addressed the possibility of the graffiti and arson being described as a hate crime.

“That’s something we cannot prove, or disprove, at this time,” said Huss.

“I know that we’ve had four or five arsons in our area over the past six months. Are they all related? Do we actually have someone who’s setting fire to vehicles and buildings? It’s possible. We’re not quite sure why his (Mian’s) vehicles were targeted, and we cannot prove that this was a hate crime, but we can’t disprove that it wasn’t one either.”

Huss said the police currently have no suspects in the case.

“We follow up what we can, we follow the leads as far as we can,” said Huss.

“Sometimes, unfortunately, these things will be stalled until some new piece of the puzzle shows up.”

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With this in mind, Huss told 106.1 The Goat the detachment would like to speak with anyone who may have seen anything on the night of the incident, or heard anything since.

“If somebody saw anything, or anyone suspicious in the area, or heard anyone brag about this type of crime, we’ve certainly like to talk with them,” said Huss.

Anyone wishing to contact the Kitscoty RCMP can reach them at 780-846-2870. If you wish to remain anonymous, you can contact Crime Stoppers by phone at 1-800-222-8477.

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