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BioClean Aquatic Centre signage unveiled

The Lloydminster Leisure Centre has a new name.

During the April 25 meeting of Lloydminster City Council, it was decided that the naming rights for the Leisure Centre would be going to BioClean Disaster Services. In exchange for the re-naming of the centre to the BioClean Aquatic Centre, the facility would receive $20,000 each year in capital funding, over a 10-year period.

“We’ve tasked administration with going forth and seeking out revenue opportunities, and one of those opportunities comes in the form of sponsorship’s,” said Councillor Larry Sauer, at the time.

“So in this case, our marketing person has gone out and sought that, and I guess when people have looked at that, they’ve had one person come forward now, one corporation I guess, said that they thought that the Leisure Centre was something that they would like to support.”

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The signage was put in place on Wednesday, and a short ceremony was held outside the newly-renamed facility on Thursday morning. Both Lloydminster mayor Rob Saunders and BioClean owner Jody Herbus spoke during the brief event, with Saunders thanking Herbus for his contribution and Herbus speaking about why he chose to support the centre.

“I wanted to give back towards the community,” said Herbus, after the event.

Herbus said Lloydminster has been good to his company, and to his employees.

“We live here and we work here, and the green space that we have, our parks and our swimming pools, is so important, not just to the children that are growing up but to the adults as well. We have busy lives, we need a place that we can get away to relax with our families, to enjoy life, spend quality time with our families.”

Herbus went on to say that funds going towards upkeep, repairs, fresh paint and more staff at the newly-renamed centre will be beneficial to the community.

“I have to give back, I really have no choice in the matter,” said Herbus.

As for how the public will respond to the new name, Herbus said he hopes they will be excited.

“Hopefully, they’ll recognize that BioClean as well as other companies that sponsor local facilities, they can see that we’re giving back to the local community, in a good way that makes life enjoyable for them as well,” said Herbus.

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Speaking with the press, Saunders did not reveal any details about other sponsorship deals the City might have in the works, but he did say local sponsorship is a trend.

“We have many facilities in the community, and there is some, like the Servus Sports Centre, with naming rights to it, it’s just a trend in many communities and across the country, as our funding is difficult to derive, in some cases,” said Saunders.

“The best things happen locally, and our local business community is very generous in supporting city initiatives like this.”

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