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Two miniature horses shot and killed north of Paradise Hill

Colleen Pederson just wants her foal back.

Pedersen is a resident of a rural property 14 kilometres north of Paradise Hill. Her home sits just off Highway 21, and until July 25, she was the proud owner of a newly-born miniature horse.

Now she is seeking help from both the police and the public in locating the thieves who took away the animal, and justice for the two other horses that were shot and killed by those responsible for the theft.

Speaking to 106.1 The Goat on Thursday morning, Pedersen said she had gone to St.Walburg on July 25 to take care of errands, and once she returned home, she had gone out to the field to play with the foal, and check up on how it was doing. However, it had disappeared from the field.

“I walked the field for probably four hours, looking for it,” said Pedersen.

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“I just couldn’t find it. I assumed that it had been stolen. There were tracks out there, proving it, there were beer cans laying, there was a container of sugar. The next day, we found an empty box of .22 shells, and I didn’t notice that my horses had been shot until the next morning when I found them dead. That’s when the cops came out.”

With the foal now missing and the deaths of her two other horses weighing on her mind, Pedersen is now searching for any kind of lead to the location of the newborn horse.

“I don’t know who took it, but it’s not around here, anywhere,” said Pedersen.

“They’re mini horses, so that baby horse looks like a little puppy, like you can pick it up in your arms. It’s only two days old, it puts its head on your shoulder, you can just cuddle it.”

According to Pedersen, there had been no threats against her property, or any warning sign that her animals might be attacked. She thinks the foal may have been taken simply because the thieves liked it. As for the killing of the two other horses, she has no explanation.

“I can’t explain it, or why they shot two, it’s just really bizarre,” said Pedersen.

“They were like my kids, is what they were.”

The foal had not been named when it was taken, as it had only been born two days earlier.

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“I would love my foal back, whoever took it,” said Pedersen.

According to Constable Chris Sylvester with the Turtleford RCMP, there are currently no leads in the case. A $2350 reward is being offered by Pedersen for information leading to a conviction or the return of the foal.

If you have any tips in this case, please contact the Turtleford RCMP or Crimestoppers.

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