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Stubbs launching broadside against carbon tax

Shannon Stubbs is unhappy about the carbon tax.

The tax was put forward by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Monday, and is planned to start at $10 per tonne for all of Canada by 2018. The rest of the plan will see the tax increase by $10 per year until it reaches $50 in 2022, with provinces and territories having the choice of implementing a cap and trade system or a tax, and choice of how to use the revenue.

The federal government will impose a carbon price in the absence of the provinces and territories putting one in place. The move has had a mixed reaction, with Alberta premier Rachel Notley saying she would not support the proposal in the absence of an approved pipeline.

Stubbs, who represents the riding of Lakeland in the House of Commons, discussed the newly-proposed tax on Tuesday afternoon with 106.1 The Goat, saying that she agreed with the provincial leaders who had a negative reaction to the idea.

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“I think the important thing is that this carbon tax being proposed is not about environmental policy, it’s a cash grab,” said Stubbs.

“So, experts generally agree that a carbon tax that is aimed to reduce emissions needs to be around the $150 to $200 mark, so, the Liberals are not announcing that because it is not politically palatable. No government in Canada has implemented that, despite the fact that the mass majority of jurisdictions in Canada already have some approach to carbon pricing, but that’s the main issue. This is about revenue generation, it’s not about environmental policy.”

Stubbs also said that the tax would raise prices and all goods and services across the country, and will harm the energy sector, which plays a large role in the economy of the Lakeland riding.

“It is a tax hike, which will increase the cost of living, and the cost of literally everything, because that’s how the economy works, at the very worst time,” said Stubbs.

Stubbs’s plan to try and combat the tax is starting off with a petition on her website against the tax.

“We are asking for Canadians to speak out about not wanting this unilateral imposition of a tax increase which will increase the cost of living for everybody,” said Stubbs.

“What’s concerning about this is that we can have a fact based conversation about environmental policy, and environmental outcomes, but this carbon tax plan is not it.”

Stubbs will be back in the riding next week for meetings, before returning to Ottawa for five weeks.

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