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RCMP issue Halloween safety tips

The Lloydminster RCMP have issued safety tips to help residents of the Border City safe this Halloween.
The tips have been compiled as a list below.
1. Do not go trick or treating alone. Small children should be accompanied by a responsible adult,
and older trick or treaters should use the ‘buddy system’ if allowed to go out without an
2. Let your parents know where you are going and when you will be home.
3. Wear bright coloured costumes or make sure your child carries a flashlight, glow stick or has
reflective tape on their costume to make them more visible to cars.
4. Do not trick or treat at houses that have their lights out.
5. Do not go inside the house or a vehicle of anyone you do not know and trust.
6. Wear make up instead of a mask. Masks make it harder to see.
7. If you are wearing a mask make sure the eye holes are big enough for you to see clearly.
8.Use the sidewalk, and do not run across lawns or gardens.
9. Cross the street at crosswalks or intersections and make sure you look both ways.
10. Wait until traffic has come to a complete stop before crossing in front of vehicles.
11. Do not eat any treats until they have been inspected by an adult.
12. Do not eat homemade treats or fruit if you do not know who made them and where they came
13. Throw away any treats that are not in sealed packaging.
14. Wear good solid shoes and make sure your costume is not to long to prevent tripping.
15. Trick or treat in your own neighborhood, and know what houses are safe to go to before you go
16. Trick or treat early, and finish early so you are not out late at night.
17. Never go into alleys, parking lots, wooded areas, or vacant lots.
18. Stay in well lit areas.
19. Do not go near animals you do not know.
20. Stay away from firecrackers and fireworks, or anyone playing with them. Not only are they illegal
to have, but they are very dangerous!
The police also asked for residents to have fun, safely, and to always dress for the weather. The RCMP will have extra support from the fire department to keep the Halloween weekend safe.
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