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Starke unfazed by Snelgrove endorsement of Kenney

Vermilion-Lloydminster MLA Richard Starke isn’t surprised at the lack of support from his predecessor.

Earlier in the week, Progressive Conservative leadership candidate Jason Kenney published a list of 50 former MLA’s who supported his bid at the party’s top spot. According to a statement that was paired with the list, Kenney was honoured to receive the support.

However, one particular name on the list would have been of note for residents of the local riding, with former Vermilion-Lloydminster MLA Lloyd Snelgrove being included as one of the 50 Kenney supporters.

Starke was blunt in his assessment of Snelgrove’s choice.

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“I’m not surprised,” said Starke.

“Mr.Snelgrove hasn’t supported me in either of the last two elections. It didn’t seem to help the candidate for the other parties, so I’m not surprised.”

Starke also indicated he doesn’t think the lack of endorsement from Snelgrove will have any impact on his campaign.

“I guess time will tell, I don’t imagine that it will,” said Starke.

Starke also briefly touched on the delegate election process, after both he and Kenney claimed a majority of delegates elected in the riding of Castle Downs were in their corner.

“I had scrutineers in the room, and I also know a number of the people on the Castle Downs executive,” said Starke.

“I think the information I have received is very reliable.”

He also said pointed out there was still time between the election of delegates and the party election in March, and positions may change.

“During that time, all of the candidates are going to be reaching out to those delegates and we’re going to be campaigning,” said Starke.

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“While there will be different numbers tossed around, come March, or even on the weekend of the convention, minds may change.”

Snelgrove was unavailable for comment by time of publication.


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