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Local bus driver wants motorists to pay attention

Joline Anger wants you to be more careful around school buses.

Anger is a driver with the Lloydminster Catholic School Division, and has been noticing other drivers in the Border City exhibiting some unsafe behavior around her bus while driving her route. This behavior includes drivers ignoring her bus stop sign, and passing by when children are getting off the bus.

“I don’t know if they realize they’re supposed to stop, and stay stopped,” said Anger.

“I had a little kindergarten girl who had a hard time getting off the bus, so her mom was helping her, and a lady couldn’t see that, she stopped, looked around, and I could see that she was going to go (past) so I honked my horn, and she still just carried on through. If this little girl was quicker, she would have gotten off the bus that much faster, and this driver possibly could have hit her.”

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Anger also said that certain spots are known as problem areas among school bus drivers in Lloydminster.

“A lot of us drivers have noticed that are certain stops that they know there are going to be drivers driving through their lights,” said Anger.

“Some drivers will park across the road, more so, to stop traffic. I personally had a cab driver; he might have had an opportunity for two blocks to see my lights, and drove right through them. I honked my horn, he stopped at the back of my bus, I let the rest of the kids off, and then he backed up to talk to me.”

Anger indicated that conversation was brief, with the taxi driver confirming he had seen her lights, and also saying he had gone through regardless as he was speaking with his passenger.

Anger had a simple message for the public, asking them to take care when they are driving in the city, and to be patient when school buses are making their rounds.

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