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Border City resident raises alarm on door to door dealers

A Lloydminster man wants to alert the community about what he sees as a shady practice.

Kelly Combs lives in the north end of town, close to the intersection of 51 Street and 55 Avenue. Combs had been home with the flu over the weekend, when two men came to his house on Sunday.

According to Combs, the pair talked their way into the home, saying that they were there for a followup after a previous door to door salesperson had come by. The product they were selling was meant to clean out his tap water, as there had been recent construction in the area.

In order to demonstrate their product, the salespeople asked Combs to get a glass of water.

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“They brought in this little electrode machine, and got me to get a glass of water, turned it on, and turned the water all gross,” said Combs.

“There was construction down my street a while ago, and they said they might need to turn off the water there for a little bit. It all seemed to kind of make sense.”

Combs was told by the salespeople that the machine they were using separated heavy sediments, chlorine, and minerals from the tap water. He was also told that the men were sub-contractors, working for the provincial government.

Combs said that red flags began to rise in his mind when the pair asked him for a void cheque, and for him to sign a sheet of paper stating that he was the homeowner. The men also failed to provide a business card, did not wear matching jackets, and had no insignia on their vehicle.

When he didn’t give them a void cheque, they made their way out, and said the only charge for the water cleaning machine would be for the plumber, who would come by “later” for installation.

“Something about this interaction ain’t right,” said Combs.

“Either it’s a water softening company that is using a dishonest sales technique, or it’s two guys trying to get people’s banking information and rob them blind.”

RCMP in Alberta have issued tips regarding door to door sales.

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If you are approached by a salesperson at your home please keep the following in mind:

  • Never let anyone inside of your home
  • Ask to see identification from the salesperson, both photo ID and an ID that associates the person to the business he/she is representing
  • Before purchasing anything, fully research the company on your own to determine it’s reliability and reputation
  • Ensure the contract includes information about maintenance/repair responsibilities, cancellation and any additional costs

Please contact police if you encounter any of the following:

  • Someone aggressively trying to enter your home
  • Someone who has entered your home without permission
  • Someone who doesn’t have any valid identification
  • Someone exhibiting suspicious or threatening behaviour

As for Combs, he didn’t mince words about the door to door salespeople.

“If they come back to my house, I’ll deal with it myself,” said Combs.

Note: This story originally stated Combs was renting the property where he lived. This was incorrect, and has been amended.

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