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Border Rage looks ahead after 2020 season cancellation

While they weren’t able to start their season this year, the Border Rage lacrosse team is still optimistic for the future.

On June 1, the Rocky Mountain Lacrosse League cancelled their season following the Canadian Lacrosse Association’s cancellation of all 2020 National Championships.

Ryan Luedtke, President of Border Rage, says they were able to play one exhibition game in Saskatoon before the season was suspended.

“We went there with a full bench of 25 guys and we ended up pulling a win. It was about 16-5 for us against a Saskatoon team which is much bigger and has more people to pick from. We we’re definitely going in with an upper hand and I think we can keep that momentum going into next year.”

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He says the team tried practicing through the winter months to prepare for this season and was showing results. Luedtke also says the team misses being able to practice indoors in the Servus Sports Centre and the Centennial Civic Centre but are making it up through outdoor practices.

“We’ve just been throwing the ball around outside. That’s about as far as we can get without crossing any boundaries.”

Indoor sports facilities are allowed to reopen on July 6 under the latest reopening phase, however, the City of Lloydminster has not given a reopening date for these facilities. Luedtke says the team will get right back to practicing once they are able to get back inside.

The team moved from Vermilion to Lloydminster and had their inaugural season in the Border City last year. A recent move and a missing season could cause disruptions to the team but, Luedtke is confident they will be able make their way to another season.

“The guys that are living in Lloydminster right now are still going to be interested. In a Facebook group chat, we’re talking everyday and guys are still really wanting to play. As far as I know, in the last 15 years of playing in Lloydminster, I know enough guys that we could pull in a team no matter what.”

While their season is over, Luedtke says they still hope to get in some exhibition games with some Saskatchewan teams later this summer. The team will also continue practicing during the winter for the 2021 season.

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