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Lloydminster RCMP reminding residents to adjust driving in extreme cold

The Lloydminster area, like most of the country, has an extreme cold warning on. Environment Canada has warned residents to dress warmly, not leave pets outside and adjust their driving as temperatures drop drastically.

This is a sentiment that the Lloydminster RCMP share. Constable Grant Kirizinger says residents should take extra care as there are numerous added dangers driving in extreme cold.

“Some of the issues are traction on the road as tires start to get harder and people’s control over the vehicle does not improve or gets worse. If you’re driving on the highway in extreme cold temperatures with that windchill it makes things extremely difficult on your vehicle.”

Kirzinger adds that the extreme cold creates higher risk of succumbing to the elements if case of an accident or end up stuck. He says drivers should avoid long trips in this weather. However, if driving is necessary, people should check the mechanics of their car before leaving, drive appropriately and pack accordingly.

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“Approiate things to have would be mitts,toques,scarves,blankets and anything that will keep you warm in the case that your vehicle stops working or you do get into some sort of a collision. It’s really important you have a cell phone with you. Make sure that it’s charged or you have a charger in your vehicle.”

He adds that drivers should have enough snacks and water for themselves and passengers.

The RCMP says another way to stay safe on the roads is to keep in contact with people so that they know where a driver is going and if they have arrived safely.

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