Non-profit organizations in Lloydminster applying for a property tax exemption have until the end of September to do so.

Organizations have to follow a certain criteria to qualify which includes, funds of the organization must be used for the organization and not for the benefit of the organization’s directors or employees, the property must be owned or leased by a non-profit organization and the property must be used for charitable purposes that benefit the public for at least 60 per cent of the time.

If a non-profit organization purchases a property after the September deadline they can still submit an application and council may or may not approve the exemption for the portion of the year that the organization has owned the property.

Exemptions are approved for a maximum three year period and after that period a new application is required. Any non-profits that were approved for a three-year exemption last year do not have to re-apply.

Applications can be mailed to City Hall. For a full list of the criteria visit the city’s website.