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Stuff The Bus provides local students with school supplies

Locals from Lloydminster and Staples gather school supplies for kids in the community. Stuff the Bus was started last year by a small group of people from MyVictory Church to help kids in need for the school year.

Coordinator for Stuff the Bus Lloydminster Terry Lundell says the event has changed a bit from last year, catering to the child’s school supplies list instead of donating without knowing what a child needs.

“We made it much more specific, realizing it would be much more effective for moms and dads that needed help. They will now get specific supplies for the specific list that their child received from the school.”

Residents in the community donated over 3,000 supplies this year based on lists that were received at Staples. All cash donations are used by the store to buy the remaining supplies that are needed.

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Lundell says two barbeques were thrown in August with the proceeds going towards school supplies for next year.

“At the end of this, I’ll go through and say “this is what we utilised the most, this is what we ran out of so many times. I will then give a list to staples and they will do their best to revamp the supplies that they order in.”

Lundell believes the impact of the event is important because it can make a huge difference in a child’s school experience.

“It starts with the kid when they get delighted when they get the backpacks. I get the phone calls from the parents about how excited they are. The real purpose behind it is so that they have the confidence on the first day of school.”



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