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Local truck convoy organizer hopes to convoy to Ottawa

In the wake of Lloydminster’s first truck convoy, one of the organizers is hoping to make a convoy to Ottawa a reality in the new year.

Dion Boser says many people were wondering how they could help after the first convoy, and that there’s growing frustration over the natural resource industries.

“It’s the backbone of our economy. So there should be a lot of interest coast to coast to coast for getting a convoy set up to make our voice heard right in Ottawa on Parliament Hill,” says Boser.

The event, dubbed the Great Canadian Convoy, is slated during spring break-up in April. This is when many municipalities ban heavy equipment on roads to prevent damage to them as snow and ice melts in the Spring.

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“There will already be a lot of trucks sitting and not doing anything, so it might be a little easier to get more numbers.”

Boser hopes to organize truck convoys from across Canada into one large event by reaching out through social media and has made a Facebook group called Great Canadian Convoy.

He says the movement won’t discriminate against anyone and has the interests of all Canadians in mind.

“This is about getting us back to work and paying decent taxes and you know, the basic general interest of Canadians. No real affiliation to one side of the other.”

Boser admits many of the expectations made by the convoy are similar to those of the Yellow Vest Movement.

“No carbon tax, all the blockages. We need the pipelines, we need to remove the ban on tanker traffic. It’s all about the industries, that’s where the quality of life for most people comes from, is the industries.”

To Boser, the driving force behind the Canadian economy is the natural resource industries like oil and natural gas.

“If we can get everyone out there supporting that, and we can get people back to work, that’s what is going to make Canada great again.”

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Many logistical challenges are present in organizing this, such as fundraising for fuel and food.

Boser admits he’s just one employee of a company and may need help in bringing this convoy together, such as setting up a form of crowdfunding for the event.

“I could help get logistics and spread the word around but I’m going to need proper organizers that know what they’re doing and what have you. So if anybody that can help, or is skilled that can donate a little bit of their time each day, that would be great.”

At the moment, Boser anticipates funding would have to come from private donations. Other than that he’s unsure what he can do outside of organizing meet-up and rally points along the way.

Boser also admits that trucks participating in the convoy must have inter-provincial insurance in order to cross provincial borders.

He says that in the long run, the Great Canadian Convoy will bring unity in the trek across Canada, and will help the economy by stimulating businesses at each stop.

“We’re going to be having people moving across the country, buying fuel, food, accommodations, souvenirs, this and that. People are going to me intermixing with people from across the country and bringing unity to the country as well. Even though it will be tough, I imagine it will be tough, it’ll be worth it in the long run.”

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