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Students embrace reading and writing

The importance of reading is being highlighted in the Border City during Literacy Week. The initiative aims to raise awareness towards reading across the country during the week of January 21st.

On January 24th, Jack Kemp Community School welcomed Councillor Stephanie Brown-Munro to declare Literacy Week in the Lloydminster Public School Division.

“Literacy: the four foundations, reading, writing, communication and listening are such important skills that really take you through life it doesn’t just start at an early age and your done. It’s really a life long skill that no matter where you go in life, no matter what your career path is, it is a very important skill you need no matter what.”

Brown-Munro and LPSD Director of Education Todd Robinson both took part in reading to a kindergarten class at the school. Brown-Munro brought “The Rainbow Fish” to read to the class. The Councillor says she believes that comprehension is the most important part of reading.

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“For them to actually understand and comprehend ,and to be able tell me “no, the books about sharing”, and to reiterate to me what the importance was, what happened in the story, shows me that yes they are not just learning reading and writing but they are listening, they are using those comprehension skills.”

Robinson says the foundation of education is reading.”It’s something that is the keystone to success as kids make their way through school and enter into life,” He believes the week is a perfect opportunity for the community to connect through reading.

Robinson adds he will be at three other elementary schools during the week read to classes and talk about how literacy has impacted his life.

“It is the absolute best part of my job. I don’t get to do this very often most of my time is tied up in meetings and other things. To get to come and hang out with some kindergarten kids ,and chat with them ,and have fun with them ,and share a story that I  know they enjoyed, and just interact and ask questions, I mean that’s why I went to the profession and that’s why I think every teacher goes into the profession.”

Literacy week will cap off with Family Literacy Day on January 27th, which raises awareness of the importance of reading and engaging in family literacy activities.


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