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Lloydminster clinic taking regular medical appointments, adds pre-screening measures

A Lloydminster family physician says his clinic is still taking in appointments for regular medical concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Michael King at the Alta-Sask Wellness Clinic, located inside the Servus Sports Centre, says they’ve added a multi-staged screening process for the public’s safety but they continue to run as per usual. He says they’re also providing care over the phone or through video conference for those who don’t need to come in for a physical exam.

“We can do just about everything that we’ve been able to do in the past. People who may have an added degree of concern are able to transfer most of their care over the telephone,” he says.

“We’re here for those acute concerns that do need a physical examination or an added measure of personal care that you really can’t give over a telephone conversation.”

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Visitors are being screened as they enter the Servus Sports Centre and again as they enter the clinic. Patients are asked questions multiple times on whether they’ve been travelling, if they have a fever or any other symptoms related to COVID-19 or if they’ve been exposed to the virus in the past 30 days.

“It’s a multi-tiered approach of asking the same questions over and over so that nobody who is coming to the clinic should be concerned that there’s been somebody who’s arrived just before them who has potentially been exposed to COVID-19.”

Visitors are also asked to wash their hands before they enter the clinic. Dr. King notes that all front office staff and medical staff will be wearing masks which is for the protection of the patient more so than their protection.

“I understand that people may be a little bit reluctant to come in given that they may potentially be exposed to other patients who are coming in. I think the screening process we have in place is robust enough that nobody should be at any added risk seeing their physician for a regular appointment.”

Due to the closure of the Servus Sports Centre, King says patients will have to phone ahead and make an appointment before coming to the clinic.

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