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Bioclean Aquatic Centre receives more equipment upgrades

The Bioclean Aquatic Centre will potentially be getting another upgrade this year.

The city is moving ahead with purchasing new heat exchangers for the facility at a cost of $225,295. In the budget passed in November, the project was estimated to cost $500,000. 

A verbal quote of $100,000 per exchanger was given at budget time with the facility needing five new ones. It was noted in the city council meeting, the person may have misspoke as the actual cost was close to $10,000 per exchanger.

“They’re coming in at just over half of that which is a really positive thing,” says Mayor Gerald Aalbers. “I can’t question the process and the numbers. I’m just really excited to see that we’re able to move forward with a project that needs to happen for a lot less taxpayer dollars.” 

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Nordic Mechanical Services will be replacing the equipment which have been in place since the building was constructed in 1988. The work is expected to take place during the regular maintenance shutdown which was moved ahead to April 6. 

The exchangers are expected to arrive by May 9 if there are no interruptions in the supply chain. If the equipment comes in on time, the work is expected to finish up by the end of the regular maintenance period on June 8.

“As soon as we can get residents and families back into the pool, we will and hopefully we’ll have all the repairs complete.”

If the parts do not arrive on time then the city may push back the opening date for the aquatic centre or hold on to them until next year’s maintenance period.

“The intention is to install them and we can basically have all that work completed this year. As we all know none of us know when the state of local emergency will be lifted so we’ve got a timeframe that we’re working towards and we’ll continue to work towards that.”

The Bioclean Aquatic Centre will also be getting upgrades to the outdoor concession area and the electrical panels in the building.

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